“What’s Ocracoke in October like?” We get asked this a lot, so we thought we should set the record straight. For some of us, October is one of the nicest months to hang out on Ocracoke Island and the Outer Banks for several reasons. It is generally not very crowded, as the vacation-goers have mostly thinned out. However, 2020 is somewhat different, with our busy season running into November. Also, the weather is very pleasant with highs in the 70’s and lows in the 60’s, and dry most of the time. So let us tell you why booking your Ocracoke vacation in October may not be such a bad idea.

Are the Ferry Lines Long in October?

Ocracoke in October

Not at all! The wait for the ferry to come to Ocracoke is pretty minimal, however, it seems Tuesday’s and Wednesdays are pretty busy at times getting to the island from Hatteras. Perhaps due to lots of “day-trippers”. But weekends are ok and leaving Ocracoke is not too much of a delay. Compared to Summertime, when it can take 90 minutes for the next ferry, October is a great time to visit.

Are the Beaches on Ocracoke Cold in October?

The beaches are still great in October! One of our frequent stay guests took some nice pictures earlier this week of the public beach, and he said swimming was fine, a little chilly at first, but very pleasant once the waves settled down. He brings a portable hammock, a beach chair, a cooler, snacks, and an amazing tiny speaker. So other than bringing it down and getting it set up, it’s a great day with great weather.

What Restaurants Are Open on Ocracoke Island?

Many restaurants are open, but a few still not yet re-built or recovered from last fall’s Hurricane Dorian; Dajio just re-opened and our guests report the food is even better than before! The Back Porch not yet reopened for dine-in, but has been transformed into an amazing market! We hope Jolly Roger gets rebuilt in time for next season. The Ocracoke Oyster Company, Smacnally’s, Plum Pointe Kitchen, The Flying Melon, Eduardo’s, Suazo, Jason’s, Howard’s Pub, Helio’s Hideaway, and Thai Moon are all still in full swing!

Ocracoke in October

Is the Weather Still Warm on Ocracoke in October?

All of our bikes are in good shape! There is nothing better than a 30-minute bike ride around our island before one of Chad’s amazing breakfasts with our always interesting guests from North Carolina, Virginia, and way beyond! We hope to see you on your next trip to Ocracoke!

Where Should I Stay on Ocracoke in October?

Not to toot our own horn, but staying at Oscar’s Bed & Breakfast is a one-of-a-kind experience. We offer the warmth and comfort that you would get at home on a beautiful paradise island. Are you looking for a romantic weekend getaway or an adventurous week-long vacation? No matter what your plans are, we’ll always welcome you with a warm breakfast, and endless suggestions.

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